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Image Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time

Growlanser IV: Wayfarer of Time

Release Date 2005-03-10
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Animation
Stars Mie Sonozaki, Naozumi Takahashi, Ryoko Nagata, Takeshi Kusao, Yuki Makishima
Directors Satoshi Urushihara, Masahiko Murata, Masahiko Murata, Chikako Shibata, Yoshinori Yumoto

After a harrowing period of war, the countries of Valcania, Dulkheim and Igrecias form a confederation and begin a new system of political order. However, three years later many are still unhappy with this system, and a group of nobles led by Lyros, Prince of Valcania, plan a coup d'etat. Two days before the planned coup, Lyros asks Dianna Silvernale, the captain of the Royal Guard of Valcania, to join him in order to overthrow the confederation and reclaim the nation for the sake of Valcania's people. Now, Lady Silvernale has very little time to decide whether to follow her prince or to prevent another war that will likely break out.